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Pure Millberry Copper, Copper Scrap, Copper Wire Scraps 99.9%

Copper Scrap with the purity of copper 99{6e1d6a5efcb4ba78d24954c2526e3a84064e36a7c0b681d59ec925ab5458bce3}, 97{6e1d6a5efcb4ba78d24954c2526e3a84064e36a7c0b681d59ec925ab5458bce3}, 95{6e1d6a5efcb4ba78d24954c2526e3a84064e36a7c0b681d59ec925ab5458bce3}.

 A. 99{6e1d6a5efcb4ba78d24954c2526e3a84064e36a7c0b681d59ec925ab5458bce3} copper scrap is mainly composed of pure copper wire and pure electrical cable, the diameter is above 1.6mm.
 B. 97{6e1d6a5efcb4ba78d24954c2526e3a84064e36a7c0b681d59ec925ab5458bce3} copper scrap is mainly scrapped copper wire, cable.
 C. 95{6e1d6a5efcb4ba78d24954c2526e3a84064e36a7c0b681d59ec925ab5458bce3} copper scrap mainly is scrap copper wire, cable, tube etc.

Other copper scrap wire
#1 cu  99-96{6e1d6a5efcb4ba78d24954c2526e3a84064e36a7c0b681d59ec925ab5458bce3}
#2 cu  96-94{6e1d6a5efcb4ba78d24954c2526e3a84064e36a7c0b681d59ec925ab5458bce3}
#3 cu  94-92{6e1d6a5efcb4ba78d24954c2526e3a84064e36a7c0b681d59ec925ab5458bce3}
2. Chemical Components

     Name Copper Wire
Chemical Components


Cu+ Ag P Bi Sb AS Fe Ni Pb Sn S Zn
99.95 0.001 0.001 0.002 0.002 0.005 0.002 0.003 0.002 0.005 0.005 0.02

3. Production Features

1. Our Copper Scrap Wire is High purity, the fine organization.

2. Low oxygen levels. Without porosity/ trachoma/ osteoporosis

3. Very good conductivity and thermal conductivity, good plastic, easy to hot and cold pressure processing.

4. Application
Electric wire, Cable, Brushes, Special electric spark electrical products, Terminal printing electrical road board, Wire with a bronze belt, Air cushion cover, Converge-wires terminals. Electromagnetic switch, Pen container, House root plate, transformer etc.